Tournament Check-in Simplified

Online Check-in streamlines the check-in process making it simple for both your teams and your event staff

Available to Anyone

Online Check-in is now available to any event, no matter what software you use for registration / scheduling.
Find out how easy it is to add Online Check-in to your event.

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The old way

The typical check-in process used to consist of:

  • A Manager or Coach arriving to your event early
  • Waiting in long lines
  • Invalid paperwork causing needless frustration
  • Stacks upon stacks of paperwork/documents
  • Event volunteers making errors causing issues -- or even worse, making a player or team inelligble to participate


Check-in can be awful. We make it awesome!

Online Check-in simplifies the whole process for EVERYONE making your participants first interaction with your event a positive one.

Let's go digital

Online Check-in is your completely digital solution to ensure you have everything you need to run a fun, safe and audit proof event.

Teams will complete their check-in by:

  • Uploading scanned copies of files
  • Uploading photos of documents taken by a cell phone
  • Completing online forms

You tell us your rules, we'll customize the system to meet your needs


The basics

  1. We setup the system to collect all of the documents/info you need
  2. The sytem communicates directly with team staff to keep them up to date on their status
  3. As teams work through their check-in, the SincSports staff reviews each and every document
  4. At any time, you can easily see the status of each of your teams
  5. Once all tasks have been approved, the team has a certified roster for your event
  6. During the event, any document you need is only a few clicks away


Check-in their way

Whether your teams want to do their check-in with a computer or on their cell phone, the Online Check-in system is ready for anything.

The simple, clean interface will walk them through each step of the process to ensure they get all of the appropriate documentation loaded to your system.


The Online Check-in system will automatically inform teams of their status daily, weekly, etc based on your preferences.

If a team has a task still due, they can easily see what it is and click the link in the email to get right back into their check-in

Within the system team staff can also easily communicate with our staff to get the help they need.


Team Status

Even though our staff will handle the process for you, you can always check on the status of your teams at any time.

We provide you with various reports so you can easily view the data that's important to you.

Uploading files

For teams that already have a copy of their documents, they can easily scan the document or take a photo and upload it to their check-in.

If the team does not have the document completed yet, they can simply access the files they need from the Online Check-in system.


Online Signatures

Online forms can be created so teams no longer need to download, print and upload to submit their form.

All we need is a blank document and the required information and your participants can fill it all out online -- including their signature

Online Check-in only costs $20 per team with no minimum.
Teams can pay this fee at the time of check-in or the event can choose to include this in the registration fee.


New for the fall 2021 season, team managers can now assign more of the tasks to their players/parents to be completed. Instead of collecting all signatures for the event waiver, the team staff can email them through the system so each individual can complete it on their own.


Player's Status

By clicking the link in their email, the player/parent can easily see which incomplete tasks they have remaining.

Based on your settings, they can then complete that task online or by uploading the required documentation.

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