Email Marketing with SincSports

Thousands of tournaments

With so many events around the country, how will teams find out about yours?

A personalized invitation sent directly to their inbox couldn't hurt.

Available to all of our customers

Send out an email invitation to our database of teams to register for your event


How it works

  1. Choose the states, ages and genders for teams you want to contact
  2. Compose a personalized email to be sent out to coaches and team managers
  3. Select the date you want the email to send and we'll work our magic
  4. Review opens, clicks, number of recipients, top links


Choose Your Audience

Select the states, ages and genders you want to invite to your event.

Your invitation will be sent out to our database of team contacts that match your criteria.

Compose Your Message

We will provide you with a starting point for an invitation and you can customize it from there.

Add images, links and important details to catch their attention.

The simple editor makes it so anyone can create a stunning email.


Select your Template

Choose the template that fits your event best. By selecting a new template, your invitation can stand out from the crowd.

Amazon Web Services

We've decided to take advantage of Amazon's Simple Email Service for sending out your invitations.

Amazon SES will give your invitation the best chance possible to reach your recipient's inbox.

Additionally, the metrics they provide will enable us to continually improve our processes to make sure they remain in their inbox


Your Email Delivered

Getting to people's inboxes these days is no simple feat, but we give your message the best odds possible.

The SincSports email marketing platform accomplishes this by following email sending best practices including: mail encryption, rDNS, SPF, DKIM, DMARC and easy unsubscribe.


Once your email sends, you can monitor how your audience interacted with it.

Check on how many are sent, how many opens, how many clicks, top links and other various data. Use what you find to help customize your next email to get more teams to register for your event.

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